Brand history

The Begemot-Instrument Group of Companies started production of straight edges and levels under the RIVEN profi™ trademark in Ukraine in 1999. That’s when the first Ukrainian truncated straight edge appeared at the building tools market. In 2005 the two-vial RIVEN profi™ level was produced, and it was the first level made in independent Ukraine. Since then, thousands of builders, plumbers, furniture makers, tilers and other professionals successfully use the RIVEN profi™ measuring instruments during their work.


Why are the rivenprofi_logo_bes_slogana instruments different?

  • The RIVEN profi™ instruments – high quality levels and straight edges produced from primary aluminum alloy at the production facilities located in Ukraine.
  • The RIVEN profi™ instruments – precise sensitive vials of German production.
  • The RIVEN profi™ instruments – European quality at reasonable, low prices.
  • The RIVEN profi™ instruments – high-precision level of work.
  • The RIVEN profi™ instruments – 5-year quality guarantee.
  • The RIVEN profi™ instruments – reliable and accurate professional tools.
  • The RIVEN profi™ instruments – tools of the highest standard!

    rivenprofi_logo_bes_slogana is a part of the Begemot-Instrument Group of Companies.

The Begemot-Instrument Group of Companies was established in 1995. Since its establishment, the company provides professionals with tools that will allow them to carry out construction and repair works quickly and qualitatively. The Begemot-Instrument Group of Companies consists of wholesale, retail and production units and is introduced to the market with different trademarks:
rivenprofi_logo_bes_slogana, kartaty_logo, begemot_tm_logo.

Our history:


The Begemot-Instrument Group of Companies offers attractive terms of cooperation for partners.

We always strive to provide the best service quality, responding flexibly to the market conditions and wishes of customers. Also we provide warranty for all the instruments produced by us.