The most important requirements to any professional tool are the following: accurate readings, impact resistance, reliability, warranty. Cheap Chinese models are usually very unreliable: the vials “fade” or their readings become inaccurate, and thin aluminum profile can be easily damaged. It is unacceptable for professionals!

We provide 5 years of warranty for vials of the RIVEN profi™ levels – this is a confirmation of the highest quality of the produced instrument.

The vials in the RIVEN profi™ levels are made from high quality optical acrylic: inside of them there is a flask with liquid and a small cavity having optimum shape and size for clear reading of the result. The vials in the RIVEN profi™ levels provide high accuracy of measurements (0.5 mm/m), do not leak and do not freeze.

The RIVEN profi™ levels and the straight edges are produced from primary aluminum. The profile used for making levels is anodized. Due to this electrochemical effect, an oxide film is created on the metal surface, which protects the level from mechanical damage.


For strength increase there are reinforcement plates on the instrument profile. The thickness of the profile used for production of levels is 1.2 mm.

All grooves and holes, intended for installation of vials, are cut on high-tech equipment with constant size control. A horizontal vial on the level body is attached with a polyethylene insert, and a vertical one – with high-impact polystyrene. All seating surfaces are adjusted manually; each vial is installed individually using the frame level uncertain by 0.02 mm/m only. The RIVEN profi™ instruments are equipped with impact-proof plugs made of polyethylene, that protect the instrument from ingress of foreign objects.