Screeding levels

Every professional, who cares about the quality of his work, definitely shall have an aluminum straight edge. The aluminum screeding levels are not subject to corrosion, they are durable and light. As a rule, the screeding levels have the form of a trapezoid, as the professional RIVEN profi™ models. Such screeding levels are hollow inside, which makes them lighter; this is especially important for models with the dimensions of more than two meters. Due to additional reinforcement the strength of the tool increases.

An important indicator of quality of any screeding levels is the profile thickness. For production of professional RIVEN profi™ screeding levels we use primary aluminum profile with a thickness of 1.2 mm, and for production of RIVEN basic™ screeding levels – 1.0 mm. You can buy an aluminum RIVEN profi™ screeding level at any construction market or shop.

Tips for selection of screeding levels:

  1. The beginners shall buy a screeding level of 1.5-2 meters. It is difficult to start working with a screeding level with a length of more than 2.5 meters. Long screeding levels are used by professionals for leveling of large surfaces. So it is better to choose 1.5-2 meter professional RIVEN profi™ screeding levels, as they are easy and convenient to work with.
  2. When choosing a trapezoid screeding levels, pay attention to reinforcement. There are two reinforcing plates in the RIVEN profi™ screeding levels: the first one is a semicircular ditch on the reverse screeding levels side; the second one is a jumper located inside the aluminum profile. Due to the reinforcing plates, the screeding level will be used for a long time and will not bend in case of accidental fall or under heavy loads.
  3. To set the vertical beacons and level the horizontal surfaces on beacons, it is better to use a straight edge with level: for example, the RIVEN profi™ screeding levels with 2 vials and grips. You won’t have to constantly change the straight edge and level to check the accuracy of beacons installation and surface level.